Picking the Perfect Flowers

Picking the Perfect Flowers

From weddings, corporate events, product launches and every celebration in between, flowers add a sense of sophistication and beauty to any affair. With so many options to choose from, how do you find the perfect flowers for your event? From our floral designers at The Polo Room, read our quick guide on picking the perfect flowers.

Research is your best friend

The most important thing that you can do is research, research, research. Create a Pinterest board, chat to friends, take pictures of flowers that you love, and reach out to the experts. Having a clear picture of what you want is a great start!

50 shades of floral

To make sure that all your flowers match and complement each other, it works really well to choose one focal flower colour or to use shades of one or similar colours. Therefore nothing looks out of place, but rather picture perfect.

Local is lovely

Asking for local flowers will most likely be far cheaper than imported flowers. Flower types and availability varies with the seasons and are affected by weather conditions. So, check the time of year of your event and research what will be in season. This trick will bring both your cost down and bring a proudly South African flare to your event.

Keep your bouquet in budget

Don’t let the flowers break the budget. Clever combinations of flowers and foliage can be just as beautiful! Bear in mind that the cost of flowers is made up of many factors (handling, preparation, labour, mechanics and supply and demand).

Have an idea or picture in your head but need some help to bring it to bloom? Let our expert floral designers at The Polo Room help guide you. Contact them here .

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